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Free Bible Studies

We encourage you to print these files
for your personal use, to use for classes, or to give to others.They are in the Word or Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have the Adobe program, it may be obtained free at www.adobe.com   at no charge.

Free Bible Studies to Read
or Download!

Dr. Gill loves teaching the Word Everywhere He Goes

BWhat Happened ... When There Was Rebellion in Heaven?

This teaching gives us the biblical account of the rise and fall of Satan. It tells us how mankind was created to be everything Satan desired to be. Mankind was created to fill the void in heaven caused by Satan’s fall. But this is only the beginning. In the fullness of time, God sent his Son Jesus …

Basics for the New Believer    

10 Lessons covering the basic principles of Christianity. They are for the purpose of helping new believers understand the fundamentals of their newfound faith, and also, for unbelievers to know who Christians really are, and why they do the things they do. By Phil Canavo

Moving Into the Spirit Realm   

God's Kingdom Economy    

In the kingdoms of this world, we are certainly in a time of economic famine… But we as followers of Jesus can choose to live by faith
in a different economy.

The Word of the King Has Power    

This is a prophetic word given to A.L. for our time. It gives the importance for the declarations that we make!

Blessed Beyond Measure    

What does God's Word say about blessing?
We are blessed beyond measure! This is both
a written and audio teaching.

Biblical Revival Manifestations      

The Bible mentions many supernatural manifestations that occur in the lives of those who are experiencing the power and glory of God's presence. This study gives a basis of understanding  present-day revival manifestations.

Father, we ask for Your blessing
on everyone who visits this website,
or studies your Word!








If this Website is a blessing to you,
we ask you to help us keep it available for others.

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 Beyond Mercy - Revealing the Lie of Abortion  

What follows abortion? Read in Bethany's own word the anguish she endured and then the marvelous ministry of Jesus that set her free. If you've faced abortion there is freedom for you. If you've been blessed and never considered abortion, you can more fully understand what so many women are going through.

Receive Your Miracle    

In twelve practical, biblical steps, you will discover how you can receive your miracle from God.

Discover what the Bible says about true revival. This powerful study reveals how you and your church can enter into true, heaven-sent revival

Giving Glory to His Name    

Many believers in Jesus, in ignorance, have been taking the holy name of God in vain. This article is a call to give God the honor that is due His name.

Knowing About Islam and Muslims     

Many people have been asking why the Muslim extremists hate us so much. I thought it would be valuable to answer this question by giving a briefing on the beliefs and practices of devotees of Islam. This won't make you an expert, but will help you understand that we are in a spiritual war with Islam, which has nothing to do with politics.

Entire Mosques Coming to Jesus          

       Excellent Video on YouTube