Dr. A.L.
and Joyce Gill


 Pastors Ed
and Jileen Pattison


Pastor John Gill

Five-fold leadership, where each supports the other, 

so that all can better equip the body of Christ!




441 West Big Bear Blvd  – Big Bear City, Ca 92314 
Next to the Airport in the East End of the Valley 

(Mailing Address: PO Box 6969, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315)


 Meeting at The Gill Ministries Center

Sunday 10 AM – Gathering of Believers

Where Christian friends meet for Praise, Worship, The Word, Prayer, Healing, Fellowship.
Led by Edward and Jileen Pattison.

Monday 10 AM – Summer Surge Ladies Bible Study

Led by Jileen Pattison

Friday 7 PM – Kingdom Training Center – School of the Holy Spirit.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are for every believer in Jesus. They are to speak in other tongues, hear words of knowledge, and words of wisdom. They are to know when evil lurks around them. They are to operate in supernatural faith, and experience miracles and healings. The walk of the believer is to be filled with power for themselves and for those around them.

Laying the Word Foundations for Miracle Living ~ Come Expecting to Receive ~ Be Strengthened ~ Healed ~ Receive Prophetic Words & Importations
 Led by AL,Joyce and John Gill.

Saturday 7 PM – Learning to Move in the Spontaneity of the Holy Spirit.

Led by Jeff Moroni and John Gill. Come expecting to learn and to share.

The Gathering Place is for followers of Jesus to come together in God’s love, to worship the Lord,
receive equipping from God’s Word, and to encounter the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Special Meetings to put on your calendars.

July 30 ~ Sunday Evening ~ 6 PM Married Group Study Support

August 13 ~ Sunday Evening ~ 6 PM Praise and Worship Night

September 2 ~ Saturday ~ Burnt Offerings – Men’s Bar-B-Que

Introducing Ed and Jileen Pattison: Pastors/Teachers

Joyce and I are so excited that Edward and Jileen Pattison have joined our five-fold ministry team at “The Gathering Place” which is the local church outreach of Gill Ministries. They are powerful, anointed and experienced pastors and teachers with a prophetic anointing on their lives and ministry. They have served the Lord faithfully for over twenty years. They  have been married for thirteen years and are best friends. They are proud parents of six amazing children and have a heart for the next generation.

Ed and Ji have successful experience in Christian leadership and pastoral ministry. They both move in the prophetic and each, with their own styles, are gifted pastors and teachers. From being youth pastors in San Bernardino, they moved on to become church planters and pastors of a new church in the inner city. For almost five years, they were creative in their approach in reaching the neighborhoods by going out weekly, ministering healing to people and leading them to Jesus. Through their innovative “parking lot parties” and relevant messages they were able to reach many for the Kingdom of God in that neighborhood.

As they poured out the love of Christ though their powerful preaching and teaching they were able to train and equip many as they were bringing them more and more to the full measure of the stature of Christ.

Ed and Ji both graduated in the top of their class from The Rock Bible College and the International School of Ministry, completing four years of Bible College. They feel strongly about equipping believers to become all that the Lord has called them to be. Ed and Jileen greatly value personal relationships and look forward to serving and pastoring the people of “The Gathering Place” and the community at Big Bear Lake.

Introducing John Gill: Pastor/Teacher

John Gill is a gifted and anointed teacher of the Word with a true pastor’s heart of love. He has been teaching in our Friday night’s “School of The Holy Spirit” for the past twelve years where his unique style and powerful teaching has been actively “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and bringing then into “the full measure of the stature of Christ.”

John’s passion for the local church is that it should be a “mirror-reflection” of the Book of Acts with signs, wonders and miracles confirming the proclamation of the life-changing truths of the Word. He believes that the church today, like the church of the Book of Acts should be a church were every believer is “getting free” and  are actively leading people to Christ through personal “miracle evangelism” in their everyday life. 

John is a well-known resident and highly respected leader in the Big Bear community for the past thirty-six years. John has raised three children and he and his wife Melinda, are grandparents to four grandchildren.  John has worked in management in the marine service industry of Big Bear Lake since 1980. He spent sixteen years as a Deputy Sheriff on the Reserve Search and Rescue team and over ten years as vice-commander and commander of the local team based here at Big Bear Lake.

John has a “side-business” of restoring antique boats, and He and his wife Melinda have recently opened Grace House, an “Assistive Care Home” for the Elderly.”