Praise Reports from Around the World

Words like the following are so encouraging to A.L. and I!
We don’t post them to brag about anything we have done, but to let you know
God’s power is at work today! And also so you will know how much the material
we are sharing on this website is helping others,
and be encouraged to study it yourself.

Testimony, your teaching turn me to Christ

Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2017 3:07 AM
Subject: Testimony, your teaching turn me to Christ

Am former Muslim Sheikh, I was searching for the truth for many years, God led me to the internet, I found Gill Ministries material which led me to Christ today am Reaching out to Muslims and Am running House to house fellowships, Using your materials, more Muslim are Coming to Christ, We will need your Prayers and Support.
We name the fellowship after Gill. Gill Muslims Ministry.

God bless you all.

—– Mohamed.

Joshua from Kenya

Shalom Servant of God!

Its is with the grace, power and mercy of our lord Jesus Christ  to email you. My wife and i we got saved after we had been on your website. Your teachings touched our heart and burned us so much. We  got to your ministry website for three days checking on the teachings and we could not hold more. We felt like something that prompted us to seek spiritual prayers for our salvation. We later got saved through your website.

We used to come back to your website daily in the evening , read t everything on your ministry website as we prayed much. The lord started to put a burden to us concerning praying for you. My wife and i fasted for 12 days specifically praying for you. Our heart started burning  and desired more the word of the lord. We started to sing in our house and pray for some hours every evening. Three days later , our 3 neighbors joined us as we prayed together and they gave their lives to Jesus. In about one month people joined us in our home fellowship. One night when we were praying around 3 am the lord spoke to my wife for us to open a fellowship that will align with your ministry website teachings. We prayed about it in the morning and our heart were at peace.

Its now 6 months only for our fellowship since we started and we have increased to 70 people. My wife and i are emailing you to know that we are birthed from your ministry website and we have been using your teachings all of these time. Please keep praying for us as we are your fellowship in Kenya Africa. Also when the lord releases you to come and visit your church in Kenya.

Hope to hear from you.

Your spiritual Son, Joshua

From a Sister in Christ in Ethiopia

Dear Dr. Gill,
I was recently at book Fair and a small book called “God’s Promises” caught my eye. I felt foolish picking it up, but after thumbing through it a bit and seeing the titles of certain sections that seemed to speak almost directly to struggles in my own life (i.e. “What to do when you are experiencing fear” and “what to do when you feel worried”), I couldn’t resist purchasing it while my friends weren’t looking.

I had recently gone through an earth-shattering breakup with someone whom I’d made my entire identity. Now, without him, I no longer knew who I was, and was crippled by greif and anxiety. While I was raised in the church and have always called myself a “Christian,” I spent little to no time in the word or in prayer, and had no personal relationship with God.

I’ve been reaching for this book almost daily for the past several months,  and it has brought me so much peace and even joy. I have always struggled with severe anxiety (to the point where I have panic attacks, sometimes for no reason at all), but now in the wake of this huge change in my life, it had been even worse than normal. Yet in meditating on God’s promises through this book, a seemingly impossible and completely foreign peace has fallen over me. I know myself well enough to know that this peace is not from within myself, but from God alone.

Even though my life is more uncertain than ever, meditating on God’s promises has delivered me from so much fear and anxiety, and even from some unhealthy addictions that often accompany my anxiety. I am so thankful to have found this book, not because it itself has any supernatural power, but because it has helped me to listen to and belive the promises that Christ gives us in His word. So thanks for compiling these verses. They are changing my life. They are changing me. I feel God’s peace for the first time in my life, and it is breathtakingly humbling and beautiful. Thank you for being a servant of God and helping others on their path to Him.

A sister in Christ

Thank you from Port Villa, Vanautu

Today in Port Vila – Vanuatu we are having our first ever graduation of second years students …

My thank you to you can’t express more what the Bible college done and materials are awesome and now we are graduating (6) students from the Bible college. Other news two graduates will be sent to New Caledonia for short missionary work after graduating .. Third student going  to Luganville, Espirto Santo to head the work there as senior pastor in town and continue the work n outside stations and remote villages up in the mountains. Three other graduates will be work in Port Vila town church with us and continue what they have gone with there training ..

Again we give glory and honor is Holy Spirit who direct the move to establish the Bible college in a Republic of Vanuatu … God never make mistake and he is just on time and now we seeing is power work through our Bible College.

I highly acknowledge you for contributing to the world the best materials to give or enable our young generation to get to know God better by studying the word  by attending our Bible college.

Thank you to you (Jack and Grace Tuls) and Dr A L Gill for materials that compose to greatest to each student and bring deeper knowledge about the Word of God.

You can see this Bible training material at    

Phil from Italy
Some of the students studying God’s Provision for Healing, prayed for a man who did not know Jesus to be healed of cancer. Heat began to flow through his body and he became afraid and even went to the emergency room. They told him they couldn’t do anything and sent him home. The next morning when he got up he realized he was healed! Of course, he has now made Jesus the Lord of his life!
Pamela from Louisiana

Recap of a conversation with Jolynda, our personal assistant…

Her name is Pamela and she and her husband are facilitating ISOM and are also students in Hammond, LA. She called and was so excited about your teaching both in ISOM and she is also going through New Creation Image on the website on her own.  She is so excited that she ordered 4 DVD sets and 2 each of the manuals that go along with them!  And she said she wants to be able to hug both of you “around your necks” for the way you teach “line upon line, precept upon precept” and present the principles so clearly.  She also told me that after she meets Jesus in heaven, she is going to ask where Papa and Mom Gill are!!!  LOL! That is if she cannot meet you on earth before she goes to Heaven!  What a blessing and encouragement!

Pastor Kwame from Ghana

Shalom Dr Gill,  I planted a congregation in Israel, Tel Aviv which still uses your material … I would like to express thanks for the wonderful lessons you share. I have been using your ISOM lectures for many years now and they continue to have a powerful effect on peoples’ lives. I find them helpful in imparting spiritual gifts and many healings have taken place…

Sheila from Waldorf, Maryland

Thank you for the treasure trove of magnificent lessons from “Faith to Live in the Supernatural.” I shall absorb each and every word, for I am not only hungry, I am starving! Rev. … made me aware of your wonderful web site. Thank you again for the lessons, I will leave the computer now and dive right in!

Lucy from Nairobi, Kenya

I have been greatly blessed by your practical teachings on healing. These have changed my faith about diving healing as God’s will for us and already accomplished at the cross of Calvary. May the Almighty God continue to use you mightily in the furtherance of His kingdom.

Pastor from Yangon, Myanmar

Dear PaPa Gill,

Thank you for the words of encouragement and prayers for the ministry in Myanmar. We are more blessed to have you come to Myanmar and many churches are talking to one another about your coming; that is one of the answering our prayers restoring the apostolic anointing to many of us.

Last Sunday three women came to our church and testified that the LORD healed them during your preaching at the conference, they don’t immediately know that they are healed but when they arrive home, they checked out the parts of their bodies and it was completely healed. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

The power and anointing of the healing is still going on here in Yangon and it will go further and further…

Since you could step down your foot on Myanmar there is great spiritual break through. We are never be the same, we are changed into more and more glorious.

Yours Mentoring Spiritual Son,

Serene from Las Vegas

I have your picture in my kitchen where I pray for you, your wife and ministry.  I purchased a wonderful set of books when you were here for the Las Vegas Outpouring which has helped me tremendously and I took your advice and daily prayed the powerful scriptures that you had listed in the back of “Out! In Jesus Name”.  After two weeks of praying 3x a day, my sorrow, sadness, fear, insecurity lifted and I am walking in freedom…

Pastor from The Philippines

Some young people from our church spotted seven deaf and mute young people at a nearby McDonald’s. They prayed and asked God for a miracle. ALL SEVEN deaf and mutes were miraculously healed!!! They all came to church yesterday and joined the youth fellowship!!!” He went on to say that our impartation there has much to do with what continues to happen in and through his church.

Lanny from Kentucky

A man with 94% hearing loss in one ear, an enlarged heart, leaking heart valve, and Muscular Dystrophy was healed by God after we laid hands on him and commanded his bone marrow, nerves, and heart be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ. He was healed in a matter of weeks. Praise God! We didn’t know about his hearing loss [when we prayed]!

A Lady Wrote

Another couple in the United States dropped us a note with their donation this month. “Every person that my husband and I have prayed for has been healed since the conference.”

Dennis from California, USA

The tapes on Ministering Healing are so anointed. Faith is growing in my spirit by these lessons. I am truly thankful for Joyce and A.L. teaching us the truth that is setting us free. So much of this is things we have learned but I needed to hear it again, and now I am getting the WOW!

It really ministered to me when Joyce said that those seemingly small things that are sin will open the door for satan to steal from  us. She shared how when she was younger she was always under condemnation. It’s so God that He brings us together in such a unique way, because when I first met the Gills, I too was under condemnation even though I was saved. Joyce ministered to me and she revealed the spirit behind it, and also that I was doing a lot of it to myself. I had been doing it so long to myself I couldn’t tell the difference if it was a spirit or me. More Word was needed in my soul. My mind needed to be renewed. I don’t know if she knows it, but my whole attitude about myself and everything else has changed from that day she prayed for me. What a freedom to be able to be happy …
Missy emailed

Dear A.L., I just viewed one of your clips on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and I just have to say wow!!  You are so on fire for the Lord and I can tell that you LIVE this.  I could feel the glory of God right through the computer screen and I felt such an empowerment to go and walk in the supernatural!!  I can’t wait to see more.  I just wanted to send you a note of encouragement.  Thank you.


Lora emailed
Just found your ministry on  What a treasure!  Clear, solid teaching to give a foundation much lacked but essential for moving into Kingdom reality.  I’m telling everyone about your ministry.Thanks!
From Australia
Thank-you for this website!  I am writing from Australia although I have lived overseas and in America too and I have been listening to the lectures beginning with the miracle evangelism ones and I have emailed it to all my Christian friends both here and overseas.  




I am looking for God-given opportunities to apply what you are teaching.  One friend has a month off work and the timing is perfect and she has listened to one already and is also very encouraged.  We all need more courage!  I think you guys are perfectly lovely asking God for the nations! God bless, Pia

The teaching she is listening to …