What is a Mountain Top Encounter?


What Is a Mountain Top Encounter?

 Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that  the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow to it.

Many people shall come and say, “Come, and let us go up  to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob;  he will teach us His ways, and we shall walk in His paths.” Isaiah 2:2,3a

And God Said…

Seventeen years ago, God told us to bring His sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers together for a time of impartation and refreshing. He said we were to have no agenda but Him. “If you will minister to Me, I will minister to you through one another.” We were to be totally dependent on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Since our first Encounter in 2001, these meetings have been life-changing, glory experiences in the awesome presence of God. They are intensive in worship and in the prophetic teaching of the Word.

Come to each meeting expecting to hear from God as you give yourself totally to ministering to the Lord in exuberant praise and intimate, throne-room worship.

Kingdom, Glory, Harvest

God has been speaking three words – Kingdom, Glory, and Harvest. As we move more fully into His kingdom, His glory will fall, and we will be strengthened in our spirits to go forth and bring in His harvest.

During this time, we expect to hear much about the Kingdom of God, to experience His glory, and receive instructions concerning the great end-time harvest we are entering into at this time.

A Diverse Family

We believe the Church that Jesus is building is not about another organization of man. Instead, it is about The Father God and His Family. We have no organization to join. Instead God has joined the hearts of many to us as spiritual sons and daughters, as brothers and sisters in the family of God.

You will notice that we do not normally refer to one another by titles. We believe the five-fold ministries of Ephesians four are functions and not titles.

Our passion is to help you fulfill the call of God on your life and to experience the fulfillment of the vision that God has placed on your heart as you function in the Family of God.

Those who relate to us as Dad and Mom come from many different streams in the body of Christ. We believe we need one another, even our diversities, so that these diverse streams can flow together as “the powerful river of God.”

The Prophetic Word

We love to hear directly from God, and we know that during this time He will speak to us. We know that the prophetic anointing flows through almost everyone who is here.

The Bible says we are to know those who labor among us, and we ask that unless you are part of the ministry team of those who relate to us as our mature spiritual sons and daughters, that you respect our leadership and let the prophetic word of the Lord come through them. If you are not part of the ministry team, but feel you have a word from God to share with the gathering, it is important that you share the nature of the message and obtain our permission first.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to keep things in God’s perfect timing. Please don’t be offended if we feel your message is not what God is speaking at the time you receive it. It may be God speaking personally to you answering a need in your heart. It may be for a later time.

Praise and Worship

In every meeting, we have one goal and that is to come into the presence of God. With one heart, we will praise Him, until the spirit of worship comes. And then we will worship Him until we are translated into the glory of His presence. Then we will bask, linger and soak in His awesome glory. It is here that lives are changed. It is here, in the intimacy of His presence, that we hear His voice afresh.

For some, it will be a time of stepping out of your comfort zone to enter into Biblical expressions of exuberant praise – In singing, shouting, clapping, waving banners or dancing with all of your might. Then the music will change as the Spirit of worship comes. We may stand with upraised hands in awe and worship of God for Who He is. We may find ourselves prostrate before Him on the floor. The goal of each worship leader is not to entertain, but to lead us into the awesome glory of His presence.

We want everyone to be free in their expression of praise and worship, but we do ask that you be sensitive and not distract others by actions that would call attention to yourself. We try to leave room at the sides and the back for the more demonstrative types of praise.

On a very practical note, if the music seems too loud to you, try moving to a different location. Don’t sit right in front of the big speakers.

Above all, keep pressing into the awesome presence of God with a hunger and thirst to experience more of Him and more of His glory.

When you said, “Seek My face,” My heart said to you.
“Your face, LORD, I will seek.” Psalms 27:

Manifestations of God’s Glory

Sometimes there is laughter, sometimes there are tears, and sometimes we stand in awesome silence before Him. During these times, many receive healing; others experience angelic visitations or fresh revelations from God.  Supernatural oil may flow; “golden glory dust” may fall; gems may appear from heaven. Wow, what a wonderful God we serve! Every sign that comes is to help us know the power and might of our God, to help us be more focused on Him, and to more diligently seek Him.


One of the goals of the Mountain Top Encounter is fellowship. It’s a time of divine connections. Spend time with those around you. Learn what God is doing in their lives. You will be amazed at what God is doing around the world. There is never enough time to hear all the miracles of provision, of healing or of God’s marvelous supernatural leading. Enjoy meals with someone you don’t know. Expect God to speak through those around you. And let God join your hearts together in life-enhancing relationships.

Hearing from God

The Mountain Top Encounter is not a conference. We do not have a schedule of speakers. It is not a time for sermons or of giving favorite teachings or messages. Instead it is a time to share what we hear from God at this time, for this group. So please don’t be offended if you don’t get to speak or share during these meetings. Maybe God wants you just to bask in His presence. We believe that “promotion comes from the Lord,” and our goal is to hear from Him and ask various ministries to share on an impromptu basis.

There are leaders here of tremendous stature in the Kingdom of God who may not share at all. This is a time for all of us to hear from God. This is a time to lift up Jesus and Him alone. You may not know a speaker’s name, or who they are, but feel a witness in your spirit that they are speaking God’s words for this time. You may hear things that challenge or stretch your beliefs. We only ask that you be open to a “new thing” that God may be speaking to His Church today. Knowing whatever God says will never be in conflict with His written Word,

In Conclusion…

Have a wonderful time! Please be on time in your attendance. If your schedule demands you come in or leave during a meeting, please slip in and out quietly. Be free in Him. Come into His presence with joy, expecting God to surprise you with a fresh Word in the glory of His presence.

Believe you will receive your healing even as you praise and worship Him. Believe you will receive His supernatural wisdom for the problems facing you. Believe you will receive His directions for the powerful days ahead.

May this time together be a time of spiritual refreshment – a real mountain-top, life-changing encounter with God Himself for each of us.

The Worship Team


We are all the worship team. It’s our spirits, our voices coming together in unity. Praise and worship are so important to bring us into that unity so we can come into the presence of God. 

The Psalmist wrote, “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.”

Ruth Heflen summed it all up when she wrote: “Give thanksgiving until the spirit of praise comes. Then praise Him until the spirit of worship comes. Then worship Him until the glory comes and then stand in the glory!” 

Led by the anointed and gifted ministry of Steve Swanson and a great team of musicians we will move from exuberant high praises into true and intimate worship and from worship into glory as the Spirit of God picks us up and brings us into the throneroom of the awesome life-changing presence of God Himself. 

It’s in His presence that healings take place.

It’s in His presence that we hear His voice and receive personal direction.

It’s in His presence that the spirit of creativity comes!

It’s in His presence we receive everything we need!

Registration Free but Necessary!


We’d love to say, “You just come!”

But seating is limited, so registration is required!

Email Jolynda@gillministries.com

or call 909.584.2956

Location ~ Accommodations


Big Bear Lake is located 100 miles East of downtown Los Angeles, 7,000 feet up in the San Bernardino Mountains. It is the only four-season resort in Southern California and is surrounded by National Forest. The cool mountain breezes make it a beautiful refreshing place to visit. 

The Mountain Top Encounter will be held in the ballroom at The Lodge.


40650 Village Drive ~ Big Bear Lake, CA, 92315
Call 1-909-866-3121

Ask for special rates for the Gill Ministries Mountain Top Encounter!
The group code is (GIL) it is only good for the dates
that were contracted September 18-20, 2018.

About the Lodge  



Times of meetings are pretty certain. But who will be speaking
is always “subject to change.” 
It’s definitely as the Lord leads.

The importance is never who the speaker is,
but what the Lord is saying to His body through that speaker. 

Every meeting will begin with wonderful praise and worship
under the leadership of Steve Swanson!

Tuesday:               Registration in the lobby 5pm to 7pm

                              7 PM Worship with Steve Swanson and Joshua Mills

Wednesday:          Morning 9 to 12 – Joshua Mills

                              Afternoon 2-5 – Henry & Grace Falany

                              Evening 7 PM – The West Coast Rumble with Jerame Nelson

Thursday:              Morning 9 to 12 – Jerame Nelson

                               Afternoon 2-5

                     Evening 7 PM – AL Gill – Prayer for the Nations 
                                              Time of Anointing

Thursday evening is always special as
God usually summarizes everything that has happened
and makes it personal for each of us! 


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