What a feast the Mountain Top Encounter was!

The prophet Jeremiah wrote, Thy words were found and I did eat them and they became the joy and rejoicing of my soul!


Al-Joyce-CR-150x191Dr. A.L. and Joyce Gill – The Kingdom of God is Here 
When we limit our teaching to the Gospel of Salvation and do not go on to teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, it is like entering the doorway of a room and standing in that one spot. There is so much more! Watch Now!
A. L. prepared a message he felt was from God for the MTE. However, as sometimes happens, he gave his time to a guest speaker. Jerame Nelson asked Papa Gill to speak to the Elisha Revolution Interns on the Tuesday night after the MTE and Papa was able to give what the Lord had been speaking to him. Our son, John, recorded it and you can hear the message on The Kingdom of GodWatch Now! 

 Jerame  Nelson – Swim up Stream

Revivalist Jerame Nelson fresh from the San Diego Fire and Glory Outpouring and from ministered in power around the world!  Part 1 – Watch Now!   Part 2 – Watch Now!

Revivalist Miranda Nelson – The Sword of the Lord! 

Miranda is also fresh from the San Diego Fire and Glory Outpouring and from ministering in revival around the world.  “God wants to release the Sword of the Lord and the Leaves of Healing for the Nations. Get ready!” Watch Now!


Gershom Sikaala – Changing your Mindset
Dr. Gershom Sikaala ministered so powerfully on the subject of his new book, Changing  your Mindset! We all wished he could have been there for the longer period time. Watch Now!
Timothy-Snodgrass-Prohet-3-200x273Timothy Snodgrass challenged us all to move into the supernatural realms with God.

Personal Prophetic Words Watch Now!  
Receive Your Mantel of Acceleration  Watch now!
Galactic Breakthrough Watch Now!

Falanys2-200x171Revivalist Henry and Grace Falany
Grace Falany Gives Personal Prophetic Words Watch Now!  
Henry Falany Shares on the Flood and the Fire!

Part 1 Watch Now Part 2 Watch Now! 

Amb Clyde Rivers

 Sharing by Ambassador Clyde Rivers
Dr. Clyde Rivers shared on how The Kingdom of God is Voice Activated. His illustrations of what is happening around the world motivated all of us! Watch Now! Prophetic Words by Dr. Rivers Watch Now!

BobbyTerryTerry & Bobby Grapenthin

Giving in the Days of Awe  Watch Now!  

Who but God could plan such a great ending for the Mountain Top Encounter?

There was so much laughter in the final meeting of the Mountain Top Encounter! It was such a joy to see the people’s faces as they walked through the tunnel at the Mountain Top Encounter! Encountering the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Receiving New Mantles from the Lord! Watch now!

How do you end such a beautiful time with the Lord? 

Team ministry was flowing in Ambassador Clyde Rivers, Pastor Charlie Fisher, Prophet Timothy Snodgrass. The worship team was such a strong part flowing in the power of the Holy Spirit, hour after hours. Always willing to lead, or step back and be supporting. Thank you Steve Swanson, Tom Granade, Scott Hassett, Jason Wright, Joe M Delgado JrMark Moulin, Barry Laufmann, John Holborn, How do you say thank you to such a powerful supporting team? Jolynda Bratton, John Gill, Jeff and Cindy Moroni, Tom Comstock, Terry and Bobby Grapenthin. God’s blessings to each of you and to every person who came to be part of this awesome time!

Ending Moments


Pastor Joseph: What a Wonderful Time at Mountaintop Encounter! Thank you All at Gill Ministries!!! What a wonderful time in the presence of the LORD! We really enjoyed the Mountaintop Encounter! The Love, Liberty and Life of the Holy Spirit and His message were well manifest and received! The worship and teaching were so rich…and I hope its okay to say, I think you all feel the same way, but what fun!!! God Bless you,


Manna Man: All these MeetNs were Off Da Hook!! Thanks PaPa AL n Joyce for Allll Y’all Do in Gods Holy Kingdom! MAY GOD BLESS YOU n YOUR TEAM…

Armando: Thank you for bringing me to the mountain encounter.  It was great!

Bev: This past week I had the opportunity to meet and connect with AL and Joyce at the “Hill Top Encounter “. All the videos and the worship and teaching ministry was made possible because these two have a deep love for God and others. I saw the fulfillment of this declaration that I flag to and repeat as part of my daily prayer. It came to pass when I met them, it was a divine connection! Be encouraged for your divine connections and open doors !

Subject: Thank you.  Greetings Papa and Joyce:

Thank you for allowing Rose and I to be part of the awesome services this week. We were blessed above measure with the praise, worship, and all of the outstanding messages that was given to all who would receive them. We are blessed to among those who God has but in your pathway as you are a blessing to us and the kingdom of God. With love and much appreciation. Earl and Rose.

Cello Solo for Healing
The worship team did such a beautiful job of staying in the flow of the Spirit. John Holborn took off in a special time of worship and God’s healing power was flowing through the room.

Cello Solo

Brandon Shields Ministers on Step up Your Game!
Making a way for the next generation. Watch Now!

Through the Tunnel
It was such a joy to see the people’s faces as they walked through the tunnel at the Mountain Top Encounter! Encountering the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Receiving New Mantles from the Lord! Thanks again, AL and Joyce

Through the Tunnell

Beautiful Flagging
‎Bev Levandowski‎  flagging over Big Bear Valley, as one more prophetic act before leaving our “blessed” valley!Ever since the MTE the Lord has been saying to us, “Fire on the Mountain.” I think her flagging tied in with what God is going to do! She writes: As we were leaving the hotel and driving through Big Bear I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to stop at this park and flag with my Fire 🔥 Veils praying the fire of the Holy Spirit for a great harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God in the beloved town of Big Bear Lake, CA

Beautiful Flagging









Notice the glow on the lights above us. Looking at the lights in the various clips, you can see the midst of His Spirit defusing the lights over and over again.

The most important person at the Mountain Top Encounter was God!

Thank you Lord for allowing us come into Your awesome Presence!