Join us at Beautiful Big Bear Lake, California

For a Life-Changing Encounter with God!

Invitation MTE3

God has brought together a powerfully anointed team of worshipers
Steve Swanson – Leading from the keyboard
Mark Moulin guitar ~ Barry Lagemann flute ~ John Holburn cello
Scott Hassett bass



Why Come to the Mountain Top Encounter

The Mountain Top Encounter at Big Bear Lake is a unique experience. In each meeting our only goal is to come into the powerful presence of God. Our intention from the first word to the last is to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. We do not seek special manifestations although they have often come. We have heard instruments playing that were not in the room. The angels have taken over the keyboard. We have heard the angels sing. Gold and oil have appeared.

We have experienced times of explosive laughter and also been on our faces before Him in silent wonder. A pastor from Ohio recently said, “I don’t know how we would make it through the year, if we didn’t have this special time to look forward to.” It’s strengthening to all of us. It’s getting to know our Heavenly Father in new ways. It’s a time of healing – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. God knows each one of our needs, and when we step aside from the busyness of our normal lives and come into His presence, it is awesome what can happen!

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The Lodge at Big Bear Lake

holiday-inn-big-bearThe Lodge at Big Bear Lake  909.866.3121


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Recent Testimony

This is a testimony which was posted on Facebook in June of this year.

Ted wrote: “Giving while in the Glory and presence of God not only advances His kingdom work here on Earth,it also blesses those who give because good seed sown in good ground for the Lord always brings harvest, several years ago a friend of mine and I traveled to one of the Mountain Top Encounter meetings…we had no money,no hotel but God said for us to go…we were even going to sleep up in the mountains in a tent while there….but God had other plans.

“The Lord told Papa Gill that someone who was there needed a hotel room so we raised our hands, and all throughout the meeting the Lord used different people to pay our room at the resort, buy our food, we want without nothing….the Lord even had a nice lady give us a yellow envelope stuffed with all kinds of money but the Lord said do NOT COUNT nor look but give it into the offering for I will bless you….

“We were obedient and patiently waited while the Lord fulfilled His promise….today I am married to a wonderful wife who loves the Lord dearly as well, we have a wonderful 2 bedroom home in Kansas which is a miracle home because I could never qualify in my own. We have great furniture and the house was full of good things, we have a newer MKZ Lincoln we just bought with cash. We have many great spirit-filled friends. My sister Lisa who was on Heroin has been delivered set free and filled with the Holy Spirit and is now in rehab and attending a Spirit filled church.  My dad accepted Jesus right before passing away, and my brother is rededicating his life to Christ. God always brings a return on everything we give to Him. Returns on money, the time we give, the love we give, everything! Jesus is faithful!


September 26-28 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Tuesday Evening: 7 PM to “Heaven”
Wednesday and Thursday
Morning: 9 to 12
Afternoon: 2 – 5
Evening: 7 to “heaven”