Audio Teaching

By Dr. A.L. and Joyce Gill


Teaching Believers in Sarawak 


Experience the Glory Realm

A few weeks ago as A.L. was ministering on the Glory of His Presence, God’s presence filled the room. His presence was all around us and we all entered into – were experiencing – the glory realm. It is our prayer that as you listen to this CD you will experience the same awesome glory of God in your home

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The Power of Communion

Are we taking communion unworthily? Let’s take another look at what the Word actually says. Teaching by John Gill, the Gill’s son.

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Prophetic Word for Today

The Lord spoke strongly about the time we are living in, and this is a word of encouragement to believers around the world!

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Receiving Power of Holy Spirit

If you desire more of the power of the Holy Spirit in your life, this teaching is for you! (25 min)

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Overcoming the Storms of Life

Teaching by the Gill’s son, John, after his daughter was murdered. Introduction by A.L. Gill

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How We Can Know It's God

Operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit can save your life as it has saved the lives of Joyce’s family!

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Prophesy Changes the Atmosphere (15:37)
Breaking the Chains of Poverty and Disease (14:27)
Baptized in Holy Spirit (12 min) Dr. Gills Testimony
Taking up Miracle Offering (8 min)

Believe with us for your miracle as you listen to what happened in this special offering!

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Revelation of Father's Love (27 min)
To Live and Not Die (12 min)

The Doctor said A.L. was going to die – and that was over 35 years ago!

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God's Promises for Healing (31 min.)
Sowing in a Time of Famine (34 min)
Healing in Our Redemption
Kingdom Finances (50 min)
The Truth That Changed Our Lives

It is so important to know who we are in Christ – what being born again means. (53 Min)

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What Ever He says, Do It!

Going back to the first miracle of Jesus, we learn how to move into our own miracles. (29 Min)

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Prophetic Declarations & Impartations

Receive the impartations from the Spirit of God through prayers and declarations by Joshua and Janet Angela Mills, A.L. and Joyce Gill, and many others. (32 Min)

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Breaking Into His Presence

Coming into His Glory, Coming into His Presence – There is an open door for every believer. (51 Min)

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Blessed Beyond Measure (50 Min)
Prayer for Blessing (2 min)
Kingdom Advancing Prayers (47 min)
Jesus ~ The Last Adam (53 min)