Healing, A Benefit of Believing in Jesus!


The first compound redemptive name God gave to the Children of Israel was Jehovah-Jireh, I Am the Lord Your God – Who Heals You. God never changes. “I Am” is never in the past, neither is it in the future, it’s now! He is the God who heals you now, today! So many believers have never been taught to receive and minister the healing power of God through the name of Jesus.

Hosea wrote, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  This is so true when it comes to healing. If you need healing, we encourage you to study the Word of God on healing. Faith comes through hearing, and hearing the Word of God. Our prayer is that His Word will “explode” within you bringing both the healing that you need and the ability to bring healing to others!


God’s Promises for Your Healing  Listen Now

Books on Healing
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Books on Healing
Through Deliverance


Healing Through
Soul Restoration

Teaching by A.L. and Joyce Gill

Prayer for Healing - 5 min.

Let your faith reach out and believe as Dr. Gill prays.

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Ministry Gifts Bring Healing - 18 min
Healing through Forgiving - 12 Min

Healing can come as we forgive others.

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Faith to Raise the Dead - 5.5 min.
God Cared so Much He Used Our Cat - 8.5

When we step out and minister healing, God can use many things to help us. This time it was our cat.

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Health and Healing - 6.5 min.
Receive Your Healing - 5.5 min.
Healing in our Redemption - 58 min.

Healing is part of our so great salvation – our Sozo salvation.

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Supernatural Gifts of Healing - 58 min.
Ministering Healing & Deliverance - 58 min.

Teaching by Charles and Frances Hunter

Healing the Sick
A Personal Word from Frances  Watch Vintage Video

Healing the Sick – Session 1         Watch Vintage Video

Healing the Sick – Session 2         Watch Vintage Video

Healing the Sick – Session 3         Watch Vintage Video

Healing the Sick – Session 4         Watch Vintage Video

Healing the Sick – Session 5         Watch Vintage Video

Healing the Sick – Session 6         Watch Vintage Video

Teaching by A.L. and Joyce Gill

God's Provision for Healing - 10 Sessions - 58 min. each

10 Sessions on How to be Healed and How to Minister Healing

What does God’s Word say about healing? Is it for everyone, or only for a select few? Is healing one of our rights as a child of God? This powerful teaching provides a solid Word foundation for healing.
It establishes a basis to receive your healing and releases your faith to boldly minister healing to others.

Receive and Minister Healing

Healing Express - 8 Sessions - 30 min each

Personal Word from A.L. Gill on Healing – 10 min.   Watch Now

God’s View of Sickness and Disease – Understanding God’s view of sickness and disease and its source positions us to boldly receive our healing and minister healing to others

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Jesus is Our Healer – Believing and receiving the manifestation of the healing that Jesus has already provided for us by the “stripes” that He bore upon His body
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Jesus is Our Example – As a man, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus healed every sickness and disease and commissioned all believers to do the same
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The Holy Spirit and His Power – Receiving the power of the Holy Spirit and how by faith we release that same healing power to flow into the bodies of others
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Laying Hands on the Sick – Practical instructions for ministering healing as we lay our hands on the sick as a point of contact for the healing power to flow
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Healing Words of Faith – Four ways we can speak faith filled words out of our mouths to release God’s healing power to flow into the bodies of others
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Healing Actions and Prayers – Receiving and ministering Healing to the sick through the bold actions of faith and understanding the place of prayer in healing
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The Gifts of Healing – Practical instructions for the operation of the “revelation gifts” and the “power gifts” as they flow together as the “gifts of healing”
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