Enter Into Miracle Living

Becoming a child of God is exciting! Living in His kingdom is an awesome privilege and it can begin right now! In just 42 training sessions you can learn to operate in kingdom power! Your life will be changed and you will do the works of Jesus just like Jesus said. 

Join thousands of students around the world!

Dr. Gill has taken 10 courses, 100 sessions of teachings for the Kingdom Training Centers, and condensed them into 5 courses for the Miracle Living Module. These courses will change your life! You will enter into living in the supernatural!

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For academic credit you can take the Miracle Living Module through ISOM. 

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Step 1 ~ Knowing Who You Are

Discover who you were created to be! This revelation  will release you from defeating thoughts of guilt, condemnation, inferiority and inadequacy! You will be conformed to the image of Jesus! You will do what He says you can do, and have what He says you can have.

Based on the book New Creation Image Free Download  

Step 1 - Created in God's Image - 6 Sessions

We Were Created 

Created in God’s image, mankind’s destiny is being restored as spirit, soul and body, we are being conformed to His new creation image Video  Audio

What Is God Like?

Receiving the Father’s love frees us from negative “father images” so we can be transformed by the Spirit into His image from glory to glory  Video  Audio

Putting on the New

As born again, new creations we have received His righteousness and are predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son  Video  Audio

Shaking off the Old

Casting down the strongholds of negative self images of guilt, inadequacies and inferiorities so we can “put on” the new creation image  Video  Audio

We Are in Christ

Our new position and identity in Christ positions us to receive and experience all of our covenant blessings as new creations in Him  Video  Audio

Our Wonder, New Creation Benefits

Discover the benefits of God’s blessings, prosperity and Divine health as we have become “partakers” of the very nature of God Himself  Video  Audio

Step 2 ~ Knowing Your Authority 

The Creator revealed His eternal purpose for mankind when He said,”Let them have dominion!” As you study this subject, you will experience a new boldness, and begin to walk in victory over Satan and demon powers in your daily life and ministry! You will learn how to quit losing and start winning as you forcibly advance God’s kingdom on this earth.

Based on the book The Authority of the Believer Free Download  

Step 2 - Authority of the Believer - 8 Sessions

Know Your Enemy 

Many have lived defeated lives because they have been fighting the wrong enemy (flesh and blood) with the wrong weapons  Audio  Video

Authority on Earth 

Mankind, created in God’s image and given dominion over this earth and all in it, becomes the focus of the hatred of satan and his deception  Audio  Video

Jesus Our Example 

Jesus came as the last Adam and as our example to restore mankind to their original creative purpose of relationship and dominion on earth  Audio  Video

Jesus’ Victory Over the Devil

Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He totally defeated the devil and every demon and stripped them of their usurped authority on earth  Audio  Video

Keys of the Kingdom Restored

Jesus has given us as His Church the keys of the Kingdom, thereby restoring our original purpose of dominion authority on this earth  Audio  Video

Using the Keys to the Kingdom

Knowing and using the keys of victorious, overcoming, Kingdom advancing authority by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony  Audio  Video

The Name of Jesus

Jesus has given us the right and privilege to use the Kingdom key of the authority of His name, a name that is above every other name  Audio  Video

Victorious Spiritual Warfare 

Knowing and using our victorious, overcoming spiritual armor and weapons that are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds  Audio  Video

Step 3 ~ The Gifts of the Holy Spirit ~ Coming into Supernatural Living

You can establish a new, intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. You will discover how to operate in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. You will eagerly desire, receive and fan these gifts into flame as you enter into a dimension of supernatural living!

Based on the book Supernatural Living Though the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Free Download  

Step 3 - Gifts of the Holy Spirit - 10 Sessions

Receiving Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Getting to know the Holy Spirit and receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues  Audio  Video

Intro: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Knowing the importance of the gifts, their three categories and understanding tongues as a praise and worship language or a message from God  Audio  Video

Tongues, Interpretation & Prophecy

Practical instructions for receiving and operating in the vocal or “speaking” gifts of tongues, the interpretation of tongues or prophecy Audio Video

 The Revelation Gifts

Discover how to operate in the revelation “knowing” gifts: The Discerning of Spirits, The Word of Knowledge and The Word of WisdomAudio  Video

The Power Gifts

Receiving a Gift of Faith through the operation of a Word of Wisdom releasing us into the “doing” or power gift of The Working of Miracles  Audio  Video

 Gifts of Healing

The gifts of Discerning of Spirits, Words of Knowledge and Wisdom, Faith and Working of Miracles flowing together as Gifts of Healing  Audio  Video

 Healing and the Great Commission

The healing ministry of Jesus, the twelve disciples, the seventy and finally a commission to every believer to minister healing to the sick  Audio  Video

 The Healing Power of God

The same healing power of God that was manifested through Jesus and Paul can be released by faith through you as a Spirit-filled believer  Audio  Video

Speaking Words of Healing

Discover four ways of speaking faith filled Words out of our mouths as we boldly release the healing power of God to flow into others  Audio  Video

 Laying Hands on the Sick 

Practical instructions for effectively ministering healing to others as we lay our hands on the sick and release God’s healing power to flow  Audio  Video


Step 4 ~ How to Heal the Sick ~ God’s Provision for Healing

This study lays a solid Word foundation which will release your faith for effectively receiving or ministering healing. It presents the ministry of Jesus and the apostles as a pattern for healing today.

Based on the book God’s Provision for Healing  Free Download 

Step 4 - How to Heal the Sick - 8 Sessions

God’s View of Sickness and Disease

Understanding God’s view of sickness and disease and its source positions us to boldly receive our healing and minister healing to others  Audio  Video

Jesus is Our Healer

Believing and receiving the manifestation of the healing that Jesus has already provided for us by the “stripes” that He bore upon His body  Audio  Video

Jesus is Our Example

As a man, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus healed every sickness and disease and commissioned all believers to do the same  Audio  Video

The Holy Spirit and His Power

Receiving the power of the Holy Spirit and how by faith we release that same healing power to flow into the bodies of others  Audio  Video

Laying Hands on the Sick

Practical instructions for ministering healing as we lay our hands on the sick as a point of contact for the healing power to flow  Audio  Video

Healing Words of Faith

Four ways we can speak faith filled words out of our mouths to release God’s healing power to flow into the bodies of others  Audio  Video

Healing Actions and Prayers

Receiving and ministering Healing to the sick through the bold actions of faith and understanding the place of prayer in healing  Audio  Video

The Gifts of Healing

Practical instructions for the operation of the “revelation gifts” and the “power gifts” as they flow together as the “gifts of healing”  Audio  Video

Step 5 ~ Becoming Worshipers of God 

This powerful study reveals God’s life-changing, eternal purpose for praise and worship. It releases believers into thrilling Biblical expressions of high praise in their daily lives. Believers will learn how to enter the overwhelming presence of God in intimate worship

Based on the book Praise and Worship Free Download  

Step 5 - Becoming Worshipers of God - 5 Sessions

God’s Pattern for Praise and Worship

Discover the life-changing experiences of the awesome glory of God’s presence through praise and worship as revealed in the Scripture Audio Video 

Praise and Worship – God’s Way 

Biblical patterns and practical and exciting Scriptural instructions reveal the Why, Who, When and Where of praise and worship Audio Video

God’s Eternal Purpose 

An exciting revelation of God’s eternal purpose for praise and worship and the importance of music as revealed in the Word  Audio  Video

Expressions of Praise and Worship

Do it “the Bible way” as revealed through the spiritual and physical expressions of praise and worship found in the Scriptures    Audio  Video

Victory Through Praise and Worship

Discover how to have victorious breakthrough experience in warfare through high praise and prolonged, intimate worship  Audio  Video

Step 6 ~ Praying as Jesus Prayed ~ Prayer – Bringing Heaven to Earth

In this exciting study you will discover how you can release God’s power, authority, kingdom and will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Through intercession, praying the Word, prayers of faith and agreement, you can change your life, family and the world.

Based on the book Prayer, Bringing Heaven to Earth Free Download  

Step 6 - Praying As Jesus Prayed - 5 Sessions

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Jesus teaching us to pray Kingdom advancing prayers, bringing His Kingdom and will to be done in our realm on earth as it is in heaven.  Audio  Video

Essential of Successful Prayer 

Discover the important aspects of the “effective, fervent prayers of the righteous that avail much” by what we say when we pray  Audio  Video

Kingdom Advancing Prayers

Understanding and using your authority and dominion as a king that will forcibly advance God’s Kingdom on this earth Audio  Video

Prayer – The Voice of Faith 

How to Listen and hear the Father’s voice that result in faith filled, God pleasing prayers, bringing His will to be done on earth  Audio  Video

Faith-Filled Prayers

An exciting prayer life, believing and receiving what we say when we pray and the importance of praying unceasing prayers in the Spirit  Audio  Video