Prophetic Gathering of Eagles

With Timothy Snodgrass, A.L. Gill and others



The Lord called a group together with very short notice. At first we were going to meet in our office building, then at one of the meeting rooms at the Northwoods Hotel. We ended up in the ball room.

Musicians came, some with just a few days notice. There was no time to practice. Some had been with us before at the Mountain Top Encounters, but others we met at the Prophetic Gathering. The Holy Spirit took over and as they flowed together in the presence of the Lord, they drew us in with them. A special thanks goes to John Martin, Greg Panos, Scott Hassett, John Holborn, Mark Moulin and Tom Comstock who depended on the Holy Spirit to pull this group together.

For all of us, it was an awesome time of being in God’s presence.


A.L. and Joyce Gill

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Bruce Cook

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Henry and Grace Falany

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This message was given about a week later at the Gathering Place.

Terry and Bobby Grapenthin

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John Holborn

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Gershom Sikaala

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Timothy Snodgrass

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